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Traditional Medicine 
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Dr. Noé practices traditional medicine as taught by her Cherokee elders. This is a practice that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.


She was accepted as an official apprentice in 1987 by Crosslin F. Smith, high medicine priest of the Keetoowah, of the western band of Cherokees in Tahlequah, OK. She has been with the Smith's since this time that has spanned over 30 decades, and continues to practice and study under Crosslin up to this date. 
Prior to this she was taught by the elders of the Eastern Cherokees, Goingback and Mary U. Chiltoskey, "Mama" Geneva Jackson, and incidentally with Amy Walker. Dr. Noé continues to study with her elders and practices traditional ways with patients when appropriate.
The traditional  medicine way uses plants, earth, air, water, and fire (heat) along with rituals and prayers to invoke Spirit and Healing. The Keetoowah are traditionalists and practice ancient rituals such as the sacred "Stomp Dance" to this day. In traditional  medicine many aspects of healing are addressed with the focus on the Spirit of each modality affecting the Spirit of the patient to conjoin with the Great Spirit of the universe.
Each modality is looked upon as an independent people, for example the traditional native american names acknowledge 'plant people', 'rock people', etc. This traditional way honors not only the medicine that is used to affect the physical being of people, but the Spirit that is in each and every living thing, that effects us all concurrently.

Honoring our Elders

Crosslin (Cherokee Nation) & Glenna (Navajo) Smith 


Dr. Noé (South Carolina Cherokee) is currently a board member working with the leadership of her tribe. She has been working to reclaim thier ancestrial lands and putting Indigenous Lands back into Indigenous hands 

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