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Judee Burdick

Judee Burdick is an herbalist, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a gardener, and a cook. She has been living in the southern New England area all her life encompassing the seasonal changes and coastal communities. She became a part of the Natural Family Health circle when first consulting with Dr. Noe as a patient. This would be the next step along her journey in the world of health and wellness. Judee has been on this path since she was a child, gardening and enjoying the outdoors with her family and friends but especially her grandmother. She taught her the importance of everything we do with our bodies, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This would include growing their own plants including herbs and vegetables for food and flowers for beauty.

 Judee’s passion for this way of living continues with her working for Dr. Noe since 2017 as a patient coordinator and insurance specialist. This brought her into the community of likeminded people that has given her the opportunity to deepen and expand her knowledge on this journey by also being able to observe and learn from Dr. Noe and Angel. Judee lends this knowledge to her job and interactions with patients. The goal of the practice is to help people. Working together as a team, Dr. Noe, Angel, and Judee continue to do this for their patients.

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